What is Webmastery?

First, check out I'm a fucking webmaster and then, once you feel awesome, check this out.

Webmastery is still new to me. My first website, Vertpush, was created on neocities in April 2019. Although, holy shit, I guess that's 5 years now. I dabbled with it on and off, learning CSS tricks here and there, scoping for layout ideas, and following great websites found on neocities. It never occurred to me that webmastery could be such a huge form of self-expression. It was mostly a hobby at the time, slacking off to dabble in code and make something look ok. It became obby.dog in Feb 2023. Smellypuppy is just now getting started in January, 2024.


Create beginner tutorials. For what? I'm not sure. Clip Studio Paint? HTML/CSS? Maybe I can put a poll up somewhere.

Post regularly to patreon. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's regular. Once a week, maybe.

Work on Questward, my webcomic, with Wax. Wax and I have been having weekly meetings that are just lovely. He's helping me out a lot with QW's development.

Continue commissions. I'd like this to be regular, too, but mitigated to fun, digestible projects. Maybe I will only open them on patreon to keep it manageable.


The purpose of smellypuppy is to serve as a hub of activity for ohmi. Updates, organized galleries, links to important places like my shop. But also, a sort of live journal to give those curious onlinegoers a peek behind the curtain. As online animal as I am, I'd like to humanize myself for the average consumer.

This is also a place to practice all skills mentioned. My skills in HTML/CSS will grow, and I'd like to practice sharing the information as I have it.