What Is It About


What's web building about, anyway? What's the point? It can be anything. I think that's the magic of it. It can be information, a game, art, music, shrines dedicated to your favorite things, ways to meet strangers, a place to stand for what you believe in, a place to share your headspace. It doesn't have to do or be anything. You don't have to impress your peers. You don't have to perform for anyone. Unless that's what you want to do. That's the best part.

It does take at least a little bit of vulnerability to put yourself out there. You'll be judged for how your site works, and if you open yourself up to comment or critique, you're subject to the internet. But as long as you're able to separate yourself from the toxicity, that being the sometimes acidy taste of random stranger input, you'll find more good than bad. The internet is a melting pot of social interaction. It leaves you wide open, but I've found that as long as I am genuine and genuinely enjoying myself, I get more positive interaction than not. Generally, people want to feel good, I think.