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Psychological Horror/Mystery/Thriller

A perfect society of youth exists in a bubble. The youths are cared for, pampered, and educated by caregivers; the only adults in the compound. The story follows Aiix, a young girl with a quiet disposition, who observes and analyzes her surroundings and peers, her friend of the same age, Biix: a hotheaded boy with disruptive and compulsive habits, and an older, timid girl, Sx, who seems to hang around with the younger group more so than those of her own age.

The elders, called Companions, are attentive and kind. Aiix's Companion is Beatrice, a wise woman with skin weathered by the harships of life.




Four realms divide the world, not so much in peace but in stalemate. They are defined by how they filter color.

Monochroic: A republic of black and white. Binary, zeros and ones, there is little gray area (although it does exist). Stiff and proper. Later: Dichroic.

Triadic: A fiefdome comprised of triadic colors. The color scheme varies based on seasons. They are a reasonable democracy, but don't do well with conflict.

Tetradic: A free city. Four colors arranged into complementary pairs provides a wide range of emotion and freedom. Wild, vivid. Home of CMYK.

Notes: Complete heterochromia, also called heterochromia iridum, occurs when the two irises are different colors. Segmental heterochromia, also called heterochromia iridis, occurs when a patch of a different color appears in one iris. Central heterochromia is more common than the other types, but not nearly as visually striking. It happens when the irises match each other but have a ring of a different color around the pupils. For instance, someone with blue eyes might have a thin ring of hazel or brown around their pupils.




Harpies rule the skies. Beautiful, angelic, flowing white togas and ancient Greek marble architecture. They wear Roman armor, wield lances, and follow a monarchy. A race of all-females, akin to Amazons.

Medusas rule the ground. They are large, strong, and proud. Their priorities lie within their familial bonds and lineage. They have simple garb and technology, and rely on nature to provide. Basically rustic and ritualistic. Their primary weapon is their ability to turn creatures into stone by using their snake appendages growing from their scalp.

Harpies hold a grudge against Medusas for forcing them to flee their homes on the ground, only after Harpies had terrorized Medusas (and anyone else) for centuries. Now, resurging with a vengeance, Harpies wage war on their lowly counterparts after learning from humans how to counter the stoning with technology, as well as stripping the Medusa of their abilities by shacing their head.

The story follows a new Harpy soldier who's duty is to tend to the Medusa captives. One begins to talk to her, a balded and blinded Medusa who shares stories of her family with the Harpy. A bond is forged, and the two wish to run away together. Alternately, a harpy administrator in love with the Queen becomes jealous as the Queen shmoozes others for political favor. The admin however has a relationship with the Harpy soldier-guard that is forceful and toxic. Lots of scandal and sapphic love.




The story of a legendary witch.

In an ancient time, war ravaged the land. Violent battlefronts left men wounded or worse, while political scandal fed off of the turmoil. In a secluded glade nestled on the border of three warring kingdoms, humble shack sits, where a pleasant looking witch tends to her garden. Now and again, a passerby would approach the storefront to peruse her bottled goods. Black Snakeneck could kill a man in thirty seconds if injested. Acityme could jelly a man's bones. Pink Pomme could drive a man mad. The pleasant looking witch would smile and sell her wares. And she would continue to sow her seeds in the garden, growing beautiful purple flowers that would come up to your waist. The buyers would come, and come again, coming fervently and more aggresively, as war crept like a mould over the land. Noblemen and generals beseeched the pleasant old witch to join the movement on their side, promising wealth, protection, or else. The witch would smile and shake her head, and continue to sow her seeds. Years would pass. No longer would there be tolerated such an impartial assassin on unattested land. And so, approaching her door time and time again, aggravators came, weapons in hand, to beseech the aide of the pleasant old witch. And always, after a cup of a tea, they would leave, having forgotten ever why they came, a purple flower lightly decorating the edge of their cups. The pleasant witch sowed her seeds. Years would pass. The secluded glade bloomed in purple, outstretching far and wide into the territories surrounding a single humble shack. Until finally, war found its way.

Okay I ran out of time to finish this, but the purple flower causes people to forget and the witch's final move is to burn herself and the field of flowers which is so potent, the entire country forgot not only why they were warring, but that they were warring at all. The flower was named after her: Amnealis. Aubrey would later ask, "Then how did we remember her name?" To which every witch who would ever tell the story would glare.



I climb the soft carpeted stairs to the master bedroom. The music and chatter below travels with me until it is muffled behind the door. I take a deep breath, smiling. I had fun! It was nice seeing everybody. I had taken my leave and said my goodbyes, not exhausted, but just before the entertaining took it's toll. In the room, I picked out an outfit of pajamas and laid them on the bed, ready for me to climb into. Leisurely sliding off my pants and shirt, I leaned over to take the shirt I was to wear when I heard the door shut behind me. I could suddenly feel how exposed my back was, like I could feel eyes traveling down my shoulderblades, down, down. I quickly took up the shirt and held it against my front, turning around. Oh! It was Him. I smiled, relieved, and genuinely happy to see Him. "Hey!" I said. He looked like he had something he wanted to tell me.

Party, go upstairs, getting ready for bed, He comes in, not bashful, I go to get dressed, heartbeat, I come out, He asks "Do you want to, um", I respond "Yes, God yes", kiss, push Him to the bed, he crawls back, I kiss, all over, feeling him, going down, I lick, and plunge, he groans, hips raising, the skin tightens, he's so hard, it feels like it'll happen, I want to taste it so bad, but he relaxes. I take out and lick the sides like a popsicle, looking up at him, knowing he likes the sight. I feel his legs and him. I go to kiss his face and accidentally sock him, "Ahh oh my god I'm sorry I'm sorry! Are you okay?" We laugh, I rest my head on his arm, looking up at him. "I wish we could..." He says, "Me too." He is beautiful.

It was such a nice dream. So nice, I remembered it all day. And then you wake up and realize this beautiful person you love so much, it still an asshole. Anyway. Sometimes it's best to let dreams be dreams.

Café of Dreams


Short Story/Fantasy/Contemporary

I literally just made this up now so I don't know much. Patrons of a tiny coffee shop find that after drinking their coffee they experience vivid dreamscapes. The coffee matron either offers to interpret, or makes mysteriously knowing comments about the patron's experience.

Wind Phone: A one-way phone where people can talk to their passed loved ones. (A curious caller dials in his own phone number and answers, to find that his voice travels through the Wind Phone, but does not travel back.)




An age-old tradition of children of the Zodiac competing to become permanent installations in the cosmos is thrown asunder when a mysterious star crash-lands on campus. Coronas, a boy with eyes and hair void of any color or stars, is born without a parent sign. The anomaly causes an uproar in the student body, until the principal announces that he is her child. Strange indeed, because the principal hasn't entered a competetor child into the school in a millenia.

This story is a big ole' Work In Progress, but essentially Coronas is the expelled child of a black hole, and because of his insane density, proves to be incredibly strong (and unstable). The principal lies on his behalf, knowing his lineage and choosing to hide it from him. After some details and mysteries come to light, Coronas learns of his parentage and flees the school to seek his parent. However, the black hole that expelled him turns out to be an amorphous toxic hivemind, who only views Koronas as an unnecessary waste of space. The principal and Coronas's closest friends scour the universe to find him trapped in the black hole, cold and alone, to pull him out of the singularity and welcome him into the Student Body.




An energetic young golden retriever knight, an anxious master-thief black cat, and a cheeky frog witch engage on a journey of self-fulfillment, with a hint of overthrowing an evil monarchy.

The story follows the bright and optimistic Aubrey, a heavily sheltered squire who dreams of becoming a knight. She loves her kingdom (despite having never seen it), is loyal to the Queen, and admires the Knights of the Hound Table who protect it all.

However, one stormy night before her 16th birthday, Aubrey is smuggled out of the kingdom by the old blind crow who advises the Queen, who tells her to seek Emmeryn the Terrible: the infamous witch of Blastwood Swamp. She is given a sword and a coin pouch, and is dumped unceremoniously outside of a village.

The village is dank, impoverish, and crawling with thugs. However, our happy puppy Aubrey is enamored by it! Her naivete attracts the eye of a suave, lanky black cat with a crescent moon scar around his eye, Hal Mooney. Hal takes Aubrey on a tour of a town, in exchange for her buying him lunch, dinner, a few drinks, etc. etc. wherein Aubrey proudly explains that she is on a quest from the Queen Herself to slay Emmeryn the Terrible. Hal, completely sceptic, says that he knows just the guy to give her a ride through Blastwood Swamp. He then proceeds to sell Aubrey to a slave trader, while pickpocketing her coin pouch.

Aubrey rides along in the back of a barred wagon, talking the slave trader's ear off about nothing, until from the foliage a small frog with a wide brimmed pointy hat leaps onto the hood of the carriage. "Boy am I glad to see you!" The frog exclaims out of breath, and hops away. Moments later, a giant mushroomy beast collides with the carriage, splintering the cage and sending Aubrey tumbling into the swamp. Free of the beast, the frog helps Aubrey to her feet. Aubrey explains that she is on a quest from the Queen Herself to slay Emmeryn the Terrible. The little frog brightens, and tells Aubrey she knows of the witch and will take Aubrey to her.

Elsewhere, a smug Hal Mooney returns to his pub to boast of his grift. There, Hal is accosted by a giant reeking pig named Boar, who takes Hal's money to put it towards his 300 gold "debt" to release his captive sisters. A group of glistening knights enter the grubby pub, responded to by leers of quieting thugs. The knights approach the counter where Hal mopes, where they ask the barkeep if they've seen this pup. They slide over a parchment with Aubrey's face on it, and a reward of 1,000 gold. Hal spits out his drink.

Travelling through the swamp, the frog explains to Aubrey about how witches are born, about magic pools, and how the swamp is a gravesite, but for whom nobody knows. They reach the town where witches reside, where snooty witches snicker and jeer at them from afar. They reach the leader, a great fat toad of a witch who exudes holier-than-thou sap from her boils. Aubrey challenges the toad to a duel, a holy mission granted to her by none other than the Queen Herself. Aubrey is handily defeated. As the toad witch is about to deal the finishing blow to Aubrey, Hal appears and knocks the toad off her feet. Aubrey quickly gains the upper hand, and as she readies to deal the killing blow, finds that she can't bring herself to do it. And the toad announces to the audience of witches that of all the pathetic pranks to plague this coven, this will be the last one ever played by Emmeryn the Terrible, gesturing to our small, sheepish frog guide.

Anyway, with our three main characters introduced, it goes along the lines of:
- Aubrey,Emmeryn and Hal are banished through a one-way-portal to an abandoned mountain island.
- They are saved by a nomad tribe, where it is revealed that Aubrey is the daughter of the previous Queen who was erased from history by the current Queen, shattering Aubrey's loyal-to-a-fault worldview.
- Aubrey seeks the truth from the Queen, and drags the deceiving Emmeryn and Hal with her to atone for their misdeeds (Emmeryn agrees out of apathy, Hal agrees with intent to turn Aubrey in for the reward).
- The three travel to a port full of pirates, where the pirates kidnap them for their knowledge about treasure hidden in the desert (a clue imparted to them by the nomad elder). - They lead the pirates to a golden city in the middle of the desert that is ruled by a greedy genie who captures the pirates. Aubrey saves the pirates despite Emmeryn and Hal's objections, and the pirates are indebted to them, as well as the golden city.

Antics In Blunderland



Dyne rests underneath her favorite tree on a flawless day reading a manga. "Wow," she sighs dreamily, holding the book to her bosom, "I wish I could read this language." A shadow casts over her dreamy visage, and she hesitantly opens her eyes. She looks up to see a tall, beautiful white rabbit in a dapper looking red suit looming over her. He sighs. Dyne is in shock, staring sweatily up at the rabbit. He sighs again, heavy and exaggerated. Dyne gulps and begins to ask, "Can I help y-"
"It would appear I am fashionably behind schedule." He interrupts.
Dyne is in shock. "... For what?"
"I'll never tell ;)" The rabbit says cheekily, and bounds off into the forest. Dyne snaps, "WAIT A MINUTE!" And chases after him, bundling her poofy dress into handfuls and leaping into the foliage. Her shoe catches on an exposed root, and she tumbles head-over-heel, down, down, down,

A very goofy retelling of Alice in Wonderland that introduces various characters from Quantum Century acting very in-character. Turns out to be a weird love-triangle fantasy of Dyne's, as it is her medically induced hallucination aboard the ship.

The Human Element



Minimal-Integration Independant Mech Operator
It's always been Leigh's dream to enter the annual TKO Tournament, where contenders from all over the lower levels pit their mechanical creations against one another for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to, literally, move up in the world. This year is finally the year; Leigh has come of age to enter the tournament, and her proudest creation is nothing to shake a stick at. However, a week before the tournament, in a rush to bring stripped cosmetic parts to spruce up her entry, Leigh crashes into the reigning champion of the last three years: Danver Yeja. Danver is the top contender of the lower levels, and despite having won three years in a row, Danver has chosen to rather be at the top of the lower level than be at the bottom of the upper levels. Danver aggressively challenges Leigh to an on-the-spot scrap, and she is pressured to test out her rig. In a less-than-heated battle that results in Leigh's utter defeat, Danver promises that after he wins this year's tournament he's going to find Leigh and collect his dues for the damages (a few paint scratches on his rig). However, post-battle Leigh realizes two things. One: her control and handling skills are nowhere near the reaction speed of those who have fought a lifetime more than her. But Two: Her technical level is exceptional. Taking what was left of her creation back to the drawing board, Leigh has less than a week and more on the line than ever to compete.
During the building process, Leigh integrates a crucial and potentially highly unstable component. A strand of her own DNA.
Without time to test this new technology, the TKO Tournament is upon us. Leigh hauls her creation, named Miimo, to the stadium where she sees her childhood friend Taw with her mech Ricket.

Story notes later so I don't forget: Taw is lazy, Ricket is bulky. During the tournament Leigh and Taw are pitted against one another, in which Taw forfeits (while picking her nose) before the fight. Her reasoning being: "That thing just isn't natural... Or, rather, it's too natural." Leigh goes up against Danver after working out the kinks in her cerebral connection with Miimo. Royally kicking his ass, Leigh and Miimo are swarmed. Overwhelmed by the victory, Leigh escapes the press to a familiar eatery stall (think ramen stall) where she meets a run-down looking man from the upper level who offers to be her sponsor. Leigh, moved by his familiarity with the lower level and the offer, accepts, under one condition.

This kicks off the next arc of Leigh, Miimo, the sponsor manager (no name yet) and their "one condition" Taw and Ricket, beginning their life on the luxurious (but rooted with corruption) upper levels. Leigh's continuous victories using her wicked fast-reacting mech are under close surveillance by the CEO of TKO. Leigh builds a closer bond with Miimo, as Miimo develops more emotions. Leigh becomes closer with the manager as he mentors her on how the upper levels work. A shady invitation arrives, inviting Leigh and Miimo to a TKO superstar's personal tourney with a chance to battle his mech SALEM The Witch Hunter (rival). Leigh loses and faces harsh drawback from fame.

Uhhh anyway eventually it stops being tournament-&-rules based and fights go off the grid and Leigh and Miimo have to fight for their lives for the technology she's created because TKO has been trying to integrate humans into machines for forever but always failed yadda yadda but the CEO is just a figurehead yadda yadda also Red (another mech OC of mine) is in this too ok bye.

Overall tone: Think Battle Angel Alita meets GUNPLA series.



Melanie saw something strange as a child. While bleeding out from her throat next to her dead mother, there was a light, and an absence of light. They were both blinding.
Adult Mel bumps into a passerby on the sidewalk, spilling her papers. Nagoshi and Mel meet eachother. Mel is a soft and meek self-published writer who cannot speak, and wears scarves and turtlenecks to cover her scar. Nagoshi is a tall, muscular hoodlum with bleached blonde hair, outspoken and energetic, and utterly in love with Mel. They fall for eachother quickly. Nagoshi talks enough for the two of them, and Mel is utterly abashed by all of his romantic gestures towards her. However, Nagoshi involves himself with the wrong kind of crowd and ends up owing people money that he doesn't have. Mel offers him her own money that she's made from her book, and only after she insists he softly takes it. A day later, Nagoshi is found dead. Murdered by gangsters. Mel finds the money she gave Nagoshi tucked back into her mailbox.
Overcome by grief, Melanie succumbs to her sadness and takes her own life. When death comes to find her, she finds that there's a lot to atone for when you die before your time is up.

Long story short, Nagoshi was murdered, so he gets the chance to cleanse his sins by becoming an angel, whose purpose is to collect the souls of the dying.

Melanie committed a sin by killing herself, and must use the rest of her time in living as a reaper, collecting souls of the dying before angels have a chance to absolve them. In this world, angels and reapers are rivals trying to outwit, outspeed, and in some cases overpower eachother to collect souls. Nagoshi comes to relish the job, finding solace in saving souls and doing good. Melanie becomes twisted and jaded, growing to love collecting souls out of revenge for her misfortune in lifes. When Nagoshi and Melanie finally meet eachother, it is instead tragically as two opposites who can never be united. Unless... no jk they can't be together )':

Thomas & His Bucket Full of Something vol. 2



Teddy is playing baseball when the ball is hit WAY out into the woods. Teddy volunteers to go get it & bumps into Thomas, who offers to help. The ball is found stuck & sinking in a mud pit. Thomas pulls out a caution: wet floor sign, a tonka truck, and a tuba (which plays Womp Womp). Just when getting the ball seems the most impossible that it can possibly be, Teddy exclaims, "Welp! I guess it's really good that I brought a spare!" Holding up a perfectly new ball from his pocket. Thomas just about faints as Teddy runs back to the field, waving and thanking Thomas in the distance.

Quantum Century



It has been 10 years since the kingdom of Ilia took it's rightful queen on the throne. Since then, the country has done nothing but grow and prosper under the kind and benevolent Queen Aubrey Stormhand. However, the land is tumultuous. Affected by the very force of nature that courses through it, Aubrey and her council learn that the Slipstream, hindered no longer by the previous monarchy, seeks to return the world into it's being. Outraged, various forces around the world seek methods of abstaining the natural disaster. Mysterious technology uncovered within the earth suggests that life exists outside of this atmosphere. Pouring resources into hyper-development, space travel is a success.

Currently, resources absorbed back into the Slipstream are mined from neighboring uninhabitable planets. Wealthy corporate forces seeking to save themselves hire scouts to travel beyond the mining fleets in search of a planet to appropriate. However, Queen Aubrey and her advisory seek a sustainable alternative. Either a planet to rehabilitate her people, or the impossible. Stop the very cycle of nature itself.

Aubrey's ragtag royal space crew Allegiant vs. sleek wealthy scumbag Nobles vs. mysterious corrosive future-tech crew Praxis.

Providence vs. Echo [Theme song: Man to Man] Evenly matched, Echo knocks away Providence's weapon in one final lunge. Thinking the final blow will be dealt, Providence embraces death, until they realize Echo is holding them in an embrace. "We both are fighting for what we believe in; for a world that is better than the one we were raised in. We are the same. Killing you is like killing myself. Do you really think this is the path to a better world?"

Koa Jormun



Young Prince Demue lives a luscious life full of freedom and luxury. He is revered by his people in his underground kingdom, beloved and celebrated. A ceremony will be held, where Demue will shed his princely identity and emerge a king, to cut his long hair grown since childhood, and granted a new name to match his status. Fearing the change, Prince Demue confides in his closest friend and caretaker, Atui. "The mantle I will carry is heavy. I like my long hair. What if I don't like my new name?" Demue asks, distress creasing his young and beautiful face. Atui, quiet in thought, turns Demue to a mirror and begins their nightly routine of combing Demue's long, glistening black hair. Aware of the prince's disposition and character, Atui carefully considers. "Then I will give you a name," Atui proposes informally, addressing the prince as a loved one rather than a position of power, "How about... Koa?"
The prince's wet black eyes alighted and sparkled with glee, his whole body reacting as if lighter than air. "I love it!" He exclaimed. "I will treasure it dearly. Even after the ceremony, I'll be Koa. Even if it's between just you and I, Atui. Thank you, my friend!" For the rest of the night, 'Koa' was on the prince's lips. It danced like a song through his chamber, lightly through the halls, until it died, deep into the depths of the castle's catacombs.

Anyway, long story short, during Demue's ceremony a raid breaks out which results in the king being assassinated and the prince is smuggled by a wounded Atui out of the country through tunnels leading above-ground. The prince is forced to bid a dying Atui goodbye, leaving his body in an arid desert. After days of traveling without food or water, the prince collapses under the strain, and is stumbled upon by two travelers. "Hey," one says with a no-nonsense tone, "Hey wake up." "She looks exhausted. Give her some water," A softer male voice says. After wetting the prince's pallet, the man holding the prince asks, "What's your name?" "My name... is Koa."

What I Wish I'd Done



A story about a pre-civil war era white servant girl with a knack for taking things. After a blunder serving the masters, a black woman is beaten severely for the white servant's mistake. Instead of being punished in a similar fashion, the white servant is banished from the household to live instead with the common slaves. She befriends a black man who tells her of his journey to the new America, of his family who was taken, and his slavery. After his tongue gets cut out for speaking with her, the girl, enraged by the injustice, smuggles guns from the master's house and holds a shoot out where all does not end well. But not without a bloody battle.