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Finally. A safe space to store your thoughts.
Now, place your hands in the recepticle.

I want to write anything and everything with zero shame or inhibition. That isn't to say posting what I'm writing in a public place won't abstain it from judgement or critique. That's not the problem. The problem is mine, so to speak. Another issue is having access to writing blurbs. Currently the only time and place available to me is while I'm at work o_o oops. So, this will do for now.

Some things will be storytelling, some things will be conversations between characters, some things will be nothing at all. It may come across as RP'ing with myself. That's dope and I like it a lot. Whether that comes across as super good or not to you, I think Making Something is way cooler than Not Making Something.

Plus, if I write something here (particularly practicing long-form thought process, and even journal logging) I think it will help my memory, which seems to be particularly faulty. I can't promise everything will be informative or new or interesting to others, but I can promise that I'll be glad I've done it. And that's enough for me! - ohmi


home is the home page

journal logs every day happenings

stories is sketch writing

convo is silly script-type roleplay.

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This is a space safe for ohmi to write freely without commitment or pressure.