Ayyy lots of updates
- Tealcy's page is mostly complete
- Added the "Tabs" feature to my webtools page
- Added a cursor trail to my links/community page
- Changed the color of the update bar (wow!)
- Added stamp section to Journal


The dates are a lie, I've actually updated more frequently LOL
- Re-adjusted vertCOMs page to be tighter, added buttons
- Updated main page bio
- Added comets to main page background


Gave the main page an overhaul! Also included my new web-tools page, I hope everyone can get some use out of it. Aiming to make the page more accessible, feedback is critical! Hit me up!
- Organized Main Page
- Added new Web Tools Page
- Added Profile


-Happy 4/20 XD
-"Finished" Echo Richter character page
-Moved things on intro page (minor)
-Tweaking small things. Not sure how I like some changes (vertcom bg, etc)

3/28/22: Let's see, added a background to the ALT ART page, added a link to some CSS code in the resources, added a loading screen + working on the Divine Pulse visual novel. It's going to be really cool when I can finally reveal that btw!! I'm excited! PLURR

-Background to vertCOM
-Grafx to ENTER page
-changed shape of MUSIC links on HOME
-moved TAGS to bottom of HOME [top will be reserved for self-promo]

3/28/22: Let's see, added a background to the ALT ART page, added a link to some CSS code in the resources, added a loading screen + working on the Divine Pulse visual novel. It's going to be really cool when I can finally reveal that btw!! I'm excited! PLURR

1/25/22: Hey All! I figure an update once a month isn't so bad, is it? I'm putting together a string of "pitch-bible" sites that go in-depth on some of my story ideas scribbled out over on the writing page. A LOT of work is going into these, to make them all look like good, individually themed, cohesive sites!! I love being able to share my characters and give info about them and their... stuff... I won't get too carried away here!! I'll post a BIG notification when those become available to peep! PLURR

9/24/21: Geez I barely updated at all this year!! I'm spending a little more time here, shuffling things around and adding graphics. My chao-loween window is finally relevant again!!! A broken clock is right twice a day, as they say -w-;; Have a good day! PLURR

3/13/21: AAAA hey hi hey. I've been writing a lot and tweaking the writing homepage to look nicer, check it out. Also I'm ALWAYS adding neat stuff to my resources page to help with your own web building & maybe inspire you. Some stuff is a little wonky but I feel like that'll always be the case sooo goes without saying. Also I may add an 18+ warning on the top of the site because I'm an adult that may do or say adult things sometimes. Or maybe individually lable the adult stuff. We'll see how rowdy I get. Hope y'all are staying safe and sane out there. Much love.

1/4/21: Happy New Year! It feels like I didn't update last month, but I'm working on some pages that aren't ready tp be published yet /w\ Animated a little Aubrey, and added a link to the Quantum Century pitch bible. All a wip! Thanks for reading!

11/7/20: [REDACTED]

10/21/20: More resources. Formatted it a bit for easier reading. Will add menu as the list grows longer. Working on a pitch bible that hopefully will be a good template for pumping these kinds of things out. Need to upload music. ok ily bye ADDITION: Finally made this shit mobile-friendly. Pleeeease let me know if it's wonky on your device (some things will be misplaces smh) but yaknow. That's life.

10/11/20: -REDACTED-

10/5/20: Complete homepage overhaul. Added tools to resources. Added a page button, feel free to add my button to your site if ya nasty!

9/15/20: CHAO HAVE ARRIVED! And they're spooky as FUCK!!

8/30/20: Uuuu, I've actually updated a lot since the last Update, but I've neglected to Update the Update. New site blurb on the front page, altered the Navigation to look nicer/more on-theme, added a LOT of Resources to the Resources page. I have some graphics to add to the site too, keep an eye out.

8/7/20: Did a LOT today! Practically revamped the home page (still a wip honestly) with a dedicated navigation button. Filled the com page with stamps and links. Added smileys to the chat box. Added a tomagotchi favicon to the com site. Added sparkles to the cursor. (More boring: Revamped the coms page to be container-based). SO MUCH! Next time I'll work on the blurb/writing section c: Thanks for reading!

8/5/20: Made a wonky navigation menu on the "main" page. It will be adjusted. I'd like to make a journal of sorts to practice writing.

8/1/20: Happy August! "NEXT" button on main page now switches Aubrey's phrases. Changed position of Enter elements. Adjusted Update bar.

7/26/20: JS mucking.

7/25/20: Aubrey Phrases [broke]

7/21/20: Made my own scrolling update bar as well as animated update gif. Trying to truly make every image on the site something I made.

7/18/20: AAAHAHAHA yes. Splash screen now has a little window in it. Not an update window, but a fun window. As long as it's fun, I'm satisfied. Cricut machine arrived today, onto making MTG tokens.

7/17/20: Made a splash screen. It took me all day. It was from scratch start-to-finish so I feel pretty good about it. I hope to add a little update window to it later on, but until then it'll have to do.

7/14/20: Made a Patreon. Will include stuff like what I do on *this* site, as well as projects on other fronts [3D/2D art, SecondLife, Commissions, Streams, etc.] Check it out here: ohmi's Patreon

7/6/20: Formatted the site a little more. Have things where I "want" them to be. More to come. To do: 3d renders & sketch comms.

7/5/20: Made a Trello account, as well as a new TOS. Still very empty. Check it out here: ohmi's Trello

7/2/20: This website is still in development.