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The Slipstream Manifestations
An unconscious entity from which all of matter is composed. The cycle is as such: Everything is born of the Slipstream, everything returns to the Slipstream. This natural force congeals itself into particles that exist everywhere, flowing over physical objects like veins, and pooling in specific areas. These particles can be manipulated by certain individuals, such as witches (beings born from the Slipstream), or the learned method of taking the Slipstream into oneself. Manipulating matter if you're not a being born of it is incredibly taxing, often shortening the user's lifespan, and can be painstaking. If death does not come for these users, often their minds become lost to them in the process.
  • The Sight: Visions of the future.
  • The Touch: Moving objects with your mind.
  • Summoning: Creating objects or energy.
  • Enhancement: Increased physical attributes.
Rowdy delinquents who plague cities and towns. Their leader Boor holds Hal captive by forcing him to pay a debt, in exchange for releasing Hal's captive sisters.
  • TBA
  • TBA
Praxis Stats
  • Main antagonist of the "first arc."
  • The crew worships their captain like a god.


Places/Tone Major & Minor

Major Location

A lively planet speckled with lush green mountains and arid deserts. The technology is mostly medieval; horse drawn carts, knighthoods, and witches feeding off of the Slipstream for magic. However, there exists hyper-futuristic technology buried within the crust of the world, left over from civilizations long gone, as well as technology from other, more ethereal, places spat out by the Slipstream. It's thanks to this found machinery that this once grounded civilization can now even consider taking to the skies for answers.

Major Location

Base of operations for Aubrey's crew. There are living quarters, a kitchen, a docking bay, a navigation dome, and weapons hub. It can comfortably house a crew of 12, and is able to transport up to 50. Within the dock there is an escape vessel, Aubrey's mech, a transport (for utilities/vehicles/people/repairs), and space for one more mech. The dock is where repairs and upgrades take place, and where mechanics spend most of their time.


Aubrey Stormhand Stats
An energetic and positive knave.
  • Species: Golden Labrador
  • Age: 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Average
  • Body Type: Lean
  • Skin/Fur: Light blonde/sandy blonde/white
  • Hair: Blonde. Bangs in front, long "dog ear" strands down the sides of face, ponytail. When down, length is to clavicle.
Emmeryn the Terrible Stats
A short and spunky frog witch.
"Desperate people do desperate things."
  • Species: Tropical Frog
  • Age: ???
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Shorty
  • Body Type: Twig
  • Skin/Hair: Teal-green shiny skin, pink hair
  • Hair: Choppy bangs and long twin braids
Hal Mooney Stats
A mastergrade thief. Confident and suave, but only as a front. Anxious and careful otherwise. Bullied into service by thugs who hold his sisters hostage. Doesn't know how to read or write.
"i hAve heR - hAL"
  • Species: Black Cat
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Tall
  • Body Type: Lean
  • Skin/Fur: Black fur with a moon scar over his eye, white hands and feet
  • Hair: Unkempt, spiky