100 Things

1 I was born in 1993
2 I started CSS on Neopets to make pet pages, but was too young to understand it
3 I missed out on geocities or ebaumsworld or "old" web
4 Most of my old web was Sonic Zone Forums and various oekaki like TeamArtail
5 Sonic Mega Collections was a huge influence on my art, namely the Archie comic archive
6 I used to RP on MSN Messenger with Sonic OC's
7 My first real brush with CSS was making MySpace profiles for my highschool sweetheart & myself
8 I *love* petsites, like Zetapets and Subeta pets, but I'm very bad at them
9 funnyjunk.com, YTMND, homestarrunner.net used to be my frequent haunts
10 I used my older brother's Winamp & limewire downloaded music collections

11 I'm a queer furry buddy
12 I'm married with my very cool partner in crime
13 I work in optical manufacturing, with supplemental art job
14 I have a BA in Computer Animation that I'm too intimidated to use
15 I have really awesome in-person and online friends (that I love)
16 I very likely have undiagnosed ADHD/anxiety
17 I have a tiny family and I like it that way
18 I write, draw, stream, and really enjoy making things!
19 I'm learning CSS for fun, starting with neocities in 2019
20 I love kaomoji and expressive text XD owo

21 I collect rocks and minerals
22 I take care of succulents
23 I love animals and would have some if I could
24 I follow fursuiters and want a suit of my own!
25 I 3D model and dabble in vtubing, I like to make props & stuff
26 I got very into SecondLife, for a very brief time. I'll still go back
27 I play Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Kirby, Smash Bros, Elden Ring, chess, Pokemon Unite
28 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is my comfort game
29 I love animation. 2d, 3d, stop motion, flipnote, flash, anything and everything, as a creative medium
30 Webcomics are just one of the most lovely things in the world and I love and follow them

31 My first OC was a black cat with a kink in his tail and a cuff earring
32 My most current loves are Aubrey, Echo, and Dyne
33 Most of my characters come in threes
34 Instead of one "sona" growing up, I split myself into 2 cats
35 I have lots of universes and storied, not all of them anthro
36 There is not enough time in the world to draw and make characters
37 NSFW is a great way to learn anatomy
38 I think most great character designs have max 3 colors w/ 1 accent
39 Bad guys who are evil for the sake of evil are boring
40 Flawless good guys are boring, too!

41 I could eat only sandwiches for the rest of my life
42 Same for burritos
43 Tom Kha is the best soup
44 Boba tea is incredible (honeydew is my favorite)
45 Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen or buldak-bokkeum-myeon is goated South Korean ramen
46 Top pizza toppings are: Tomatoes, spinach, garlic, chicken with a white sauce
47 Fried stuff is getting so old hat...
48 Sushi is primo, I like spicy tuna and crab
49 It's nasty how much I like mayo and ranch, I'm sorry
50 I'd get a matching Taco Bell tattoo with my bestie


Tab Test 2

Peepeepoopoo Nicenicenice I was looking for something like this that wasn't straight up switching & searching for embedded iframes,,,, wowowowow yayayay

Tab Test 5

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