dynamix drive Wicked cool tools. Cursor effects, menus, etc.
cubic-bezier generator Exactly as the title says! A handy tool for creating and previewing cubic-beziers.
vomitboyz>KEWLSITES HNGG THIS PERSON's resources are flippin' amazing and I defo don't want to lose these!!
CSSlayout YOOOOO this website rules for fun CSS tooltips. Check it.
Mutant Standard An inclusive & modern set of free emojis.
Cinni's Dream Home Web goodies: Gifs, stamps, blinkies, backgrounds, etc.
Kyrise's RPG Pack Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack. Consider donating if able.
Almost Sweet CSS/HTML Themes.
Jasminnie Numerous high-quality pixel decorations.
Eggramen Free-to-use layouts, with credit.
Stripe Generator Tiled stripe-generating site.
Flame Generator Very pretty "flame" generator. Thin webby tendrils, could be space or lightning.
Neverending Chart Rendering Chart making, advertised mostly for album or movie sorting.
Crystal Generator
/ sketch.js
Generates a cracking, crystalline, broken glass image.
Home page for various .js toys.
Two-Syllable Words Gen Make random two-syllable words. This is the good shit.
Inkle's narrative scripting What is this? A text-game tool? I need to check this out too.
Desktop Pet/eSheep Incredible. Just the purest. Apparently customizable.
Sprite Data Base Fantastic collection of ripped video game sprites.
/ GifMaker
.png to .ico converter with added styles, useful for favicons.
A GIF maker + converter.
Layoutit Grid Handy grid creator.
HTML Color Codes Hex color codes with transparency.
cursors-4u Huge collection of cursors.
Cooltext Incredibly fun text generator. Lots of personality here.
tenshiikisu tumblr Huge collection of some really cute pixel backgrounds.
Rainbow Text Rainbow text generator. Typical.
Pata2 Insanely cute Japanese emojis. Read the Terms of Use!
How to Embed WINAMP on Your Website Embeds an entire Winamp in-browser! Can add your own .mp3's and even apply skins.


JS Move image on arrow key press.
CSS Speech bubble generator.
CSS An animated Next button.
JS RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects.
HTML+CSS Various Tournament Brackets.
CodePen HTML+CSS+JS HTML/CSS/JS tool for counting words.
CSS CSS Generator - preview trasforms, border radius, gradients, & animations in-window.


Unapothecary Websites Let's be real. Just go here for an extensive website directory.
Gwern Holy shit. Incredibly written & sourced long-form essays on things that particularly interest this author. Incredibly informative, sucks you right in even with 0 knowledge of a subject.
LOKI Studio "working at the intersections of graphic design, cultural production, and social change."
Infomesh Interactive site displaying 30 years of web history. Ingenuitive, unique. Interesting articles on CSS, talented artist, an archive worth checking out. Apparently I read a comic by them called Flora.
Wicked Sick bro! A wicked sick club & award. I wish to be a part of this someday.
Passweird A weird password generator!
Pokemon Card Generator HNGGG Make your own Pokemon Cards! Also does Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh!
Pokemon Project Awesome collection of all things Pokemon. Goes in depth and off the grid.
Dodo Airlines Pretty cute Animal Crossing boarding-pass generator.
Bitsy Game-maker.
Sleety An inspiring fan-site! Has some resources as well, worth checking out.
LBRY An open-protocol media site. Worth looking into as far as a YouTube/App replacement.


Patternico Holy shit a repeating background maker. Neeeed to use this.
Patternvomit Huge collection of repeating background images.
Taylor Baldwin Studio Recycled sculpture work by Taylor Baldwin.
Pixel Art by Whimsical! Wicked cute and talented pixel graphics by Whimsical. Please read the terms of use!
Pattern Cooler Pattern creator/generator, customizable.


Aeon Timeline Paid program to organize timelines for creative writing (and more).
Draft2Digital Online self-publishing tool.
Typora Markdown editor; can use CSS for themes; I'd like to try for setting the margins for width of a paperback.
CodePen Word Count HTML/CSS/JS tool for counting words.
Kishōtenketsu Chinese method of writing & story-structure, adapted by Korea and Japan.
48hrbooks "Book Publishing: Detailed Instructions for Publishing a Book"