Plot Summary


Young knight-to-be Aubrey is forced from her castle home under mysterious pretense in search of the witch Emmeryn the Terrible.
With the aid of master thief Hal Mooney, Aubrey must journey away from the comfort of the world she's known to potentially find that not everything is as it seems.

Visuals: Deanna Matthews
Script: Evan Davis
Writing & Development: Evan and D
Projected length: 200 pages, illustrated (subject to alteration)
Format: Digital web comic formatted for print
Audience: YA to Adult. Light tone in beginning, with dark themes mid-to-late story.

Volume 1
Events by Setting:
Dormhil's Keep Players: Aubrey, Edwin, Queen Dormhil, Lorin
Hadcommh Players: Aubrey, Hal, Boor, Slave-Trader, Lorin
Trail to Blastwood Swamp Players: Aubrey, Emmeryn, Chordelia, Slave-Trader
Blastwood Swamp Players: Aubrey, Emmeryn, Bathilda, Hal
Ponnacia Fogs Players: Aubrey, Emmeryn, Hal, Paka, Elder Wari, Beast
End of Volume 1
The Slipstream Manifestations
An unconscious entity from which all of matter is composed. The cycle is as such: Everything is born of the Slipstream, everything returns to the Slipstream. This natural force congeals itself into particles that exist everywhere, flowing over physical objects like veins, and pooling in specific areas. These particles can be manipulated by certain individuals, such as witches (beings born from the Slipstream), or the learned method of taking the Slipstream into oneself. Manipulating matter if you're not a being born of it is incredibly taxing, often shortening the user's lifespan, and can be painstaking. If death does not come for these users, often their minds become lost to them in the process.
  • The Sight: Visions of the future.
  • The Touch: Moving objects with your mind.
  • Summoning: Creating objects or energy.
  • Enhancement: Increased physical attributes.
Knights of the Hound Table Notable Members
A collection of 7 highly loyal Knights devoted to the Queen.
Usually comprised of dogs because of their loyalty and trainability.
  • Lorin O'Doyle: Leader of the Knights. Tall, handsome, and generous. Lorin teaches Aubrey how to fight using the Knight's Code after his own training. Lorin is Aubrey's mentor and friend, until she vanishes from the castle and Lorin is sent with his knights to capture her. Aka Loyal O'Doyle
Thugs Notable Members
Rowdy delinquents who plague cities and towns. Their leader, Boor, holds Hal captive by forcing him to steal to pay a debt in exchange for releasing Hal's captive sisters.
  • Boor: A giant, hulking, stinking boar. Picks on those smaller than him. The members of his gang are ruled by fear, and would split or turn on a dime.
  • Hal's Sisters: A litter of 12 kittens younger than Hal (Hal's mother had 2 litters, of which Hal is the only survivor of the first), kidnapped by Boor's thugs. What Hal doesn't know is that his sisters are fine, and wreaking havoc on Boor's men. After they are rescued, the girls open a bakery called Mooney's Muffins and it's adorable.
Pirates Notable Members
A crew of strong and proud sea-faring ruffians led by the infamous Cissilia Blackwater. They at first capture Aubrey and co. with the intent of turning them in to Queen Dormhil for the reward, but when tempted by the secret of Banu Naheedi, the treasured city, tote the gang across the desert with the promise of fortune.

During the voyage from the Haberdashery to Port Rostrum, Cissilia teaches Aubrey the way of the sword, scallywag style, after Aubrey attempts to help the crew stave off a water serpent sent by Queen Dormhil.

After the pirate gang is captured by the d'jinn ruling Banu Naheedi and saved by Aubrey's company, the pirates let the three go on good terms and with sworn allegiance (or at least a single favor).
  • Cissilia Blackwater: A lithe, talented sword fighter, and alligator with light scale armor. Treats her crew with respect, but demands the same and takes no guff from anyone. Has a motherly side to her, but is a pirate scallywag through and through. Treasure is her weakness.
  • The ragtag group is comprised of underdogs from all walks of life.
  • Kris: A quiet, burly alligator. Strong shoulders, protruding lower jaw, and heavy brows. He's the cook.
  • The crew loves their captain dearly.
Witches Notable Members
Magical beings born of the slipstream. They exist with the sole purpose of returning to the slipstream through fulfilling some sort of task coded into them by the slipstream, however the task unknown to the witches themselves. Witches are capable of harvesting the slipstream with little to no repercussion; however this depends on the availability of slipstream in the area. Prior to the fall of Queen Stormhand, witches were revered and welcomed by commonfolk. However, under Queen Dormhil's rule, witches became feared and outcasted. All witches are confined to their home in Blastwood Swamp. Any witch seeking to fulfill their task are hunted by creatures called Wraiths. Modern witches now live in fear of the outside world.
  • Emmeryn the Terrible: One of our protagonists.
  • Bathilda Mudwort :A fat toad of a witch who terrorizes Emmeryn. Boss of smaller, weaker witches in Blastwood Swamp. Originally a tart and a bully. Purpose: To be saved from undead forces by Aubrey, reform her ways and lead her witch cronies to help breach Keep Dormhil in the final battle.
  • Chordelia D'leur: A pompous, snooty salamander who delights in terrorizing Emmeryn in particular. Becomes utterly irate when Emmeryn gets more recognition/attention than her. Initially seeks out Emmeryn after learning she's a wanted criminal by the state, becoming unreasonably jealous.
    Chordelia wishes nothing more than to be the one to defeat Emmeryn.
    A joke rival. Probably could actually defeat Emmeryn in a traditional dual, but never really gets the chance/is always interrupted.
    Purpose: In the end, Chordelia defends a wounded Emmeryn against one of the royal guard, because “Nobody gets to defeat that twerp but ME!”


Places/Tone Major & Minor

A lively planet speckled with a variety of environments. The technology is mostly medieval: horse drawn carts, knighthoods, and witches feeding off of the Slipstream for magic.

The world's inhabitants are anthropomorphic creatures with fully developed language(s) and cultures. The most common types of animalia you'll find are mammalia and avians (bird people), with a smattering of reptiles and virtually no aquatic people. Most stream-born witches are amphibian, being frogs, toads, and salamanders.

Small mammals, such as cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons etc. and rodents are adept as tradesmen and merchants.

Larger beasts usually don weapons and armor, naturally tailored for positions like knights, guards, or thugs. Some find themselves in more tame trades like blacksmithing or fishing.

Avian peoples are secretive and reserved. They value knowledge and rarely interact with others outside of tight alliances and high-end delivery services. They have an affinity for learned magic, and produce a high percentage of wizards.

Reptilian people have a hard time living normal lives, due to preconceived notions that they have a tendency for violence and thievery. Most have embraced the rumors and live in gangs, as well as creating communities to support their kind. That isn't to say reptiles aren't in regular society, some make livings as gypsies or servants.

Seas and waterways throughout Crissylia are littered with pirates. These can be rag-tag groups of delinquents of every species, or a group of animal familia. To combat this, there is a navy force comprised of walruses, seals, otters, and other water-savvy mammals. Although, these days the naval force is mostly volunteer work, and do very little successful policing.

Scattered throughout this world is a powerful magic provided by the Slipstream. It travels through the air and ground in ever-present flowing particles, like thick weaving veins coursing over the planet, giving it life. Magic is attracted to, and pooled in certain areas. This power can be tapped into via tools honed to do so, along with arcane knowledge and incantations. It is not an easy task; there are few who master using magic that aren't born of the Slipstream. Those with learned magic are called Wizards. However there is a race of creature born of magic, who have a natural affinity for tapping into the slipstream. These are called Witches.

There are hints of modern technology beginning to emerge, either from experimentation or mysterious objects spewn from the slipstream, but currently they are of no use.

Crissylia is a broad continent with a wide range of terrain.

To the south are humid swamplands with dense tropic forestation. The air crackles with the heavy presence of Slipstream and draws magical creatures here. Mushrooms grow in abundance, and bugs expand to abnormal size. Most pools of water grow tainted with magical energy, bubbling and emitting an electric aroma. Every so often, a bubble will fill with a potent type of gas that, when popped, creates a loud explosion.

To the far east off the coastal cliffs of the continent is an island of pure mountains. The entire island is shrouded in a thick, swirling mist, and pockets of dense forests that make the island just about impossible to navigate. The mystery surrounding the area gives birth to many legends, such as grand beasts patrolling the labyrinthian mists, or a portal to another world that spews out the mist. It's common knowledge that the at the base of the mountains is a port town run by pirates, although no force is brave enough to apprehend the place.

To the north are vast, dry deserts almost devoid of life. Rumors of a hidden civilization at it's center circulate the outskirts of this climate. The civilization is said to be made of golden temples and bejeweled tombs, and that every desert fruit grown here will double your lifespan if consumed. Although the heat, sand storms and mirages rend the yellow dunes impossible to traverse, letting rumors be just that. Rumors.

And to the Southeast is a towering forest full of massive stone trees that date over hundreds of years old. High above the ground is built a multi-level city of luxury and wealth, with bright glowing lights and structures that span from tree to tree. Both the rich and shady flock to these casinos and resorts, to play or strike it rich. However there is an "underground" society so to speak, that lurks in the dark recesses of the foliage. This is a dangerous place that should not be trekked without the correct people.

A heavily guarded concentric castle located in the westmost part of Crissilia. To the trained eye it looks like it may have once been a magnificent place, but currently seems to be unkept and crumbling. In the deepest chambers, remains of torn down statues litter the marble floors in heaps, and torn tapestries hang from burned stone walls. However, the army is kept pristine and well maintained. As far as anyone can remember, it has always been like this.

A swamp inhabited by witches. Commonly found here are an array of mushrooms handy for potions, acid pools, bubbling pits, poisonous bugs, and tombstones. Most things here have a tendency to explode. The tombs belong to fallen soldiers of Queen Dormhil's forces during the battle to overtake Queen Stormhand. During the final arc, these fallen soldiers arise from the dead to fight Aubrey's resistance. The witches who reside here refuse the call to their purpose, until Aubrey defends them from the undead.

A seedy coastal bar in an illegal trade route on the island just east of the mainland, poorly disguised as a hat shoppe. Full to the brim with pirates and thugs shouting drunken threats and gambling to the songs of an out of tune old harpsichord.

Aubrey, Emmeryn and Hal venture here for a ship that will carry them to the mainland, where Aubrey's slip of the tongue lands them in the clutches of notorious pirate captain Cissilia Blackwater.

A kingdom in the northern desert surrounded by oases and cloaked in a protective veil of mirage. The sun shines off of the bronze gilded dome of the castle towering over square sandstone buildings. Patterned banners and sheets draped over streets cast colorful shadows on bustling markets full of vendors. As happy and peaceful as this place appears, if someone goes against some unspoken "code" they are dragged away by mysterious veiled beings and imprisoned.

When Cissilia's pirate crew become captives, Aubrey and co. seek to break them free and learn that the city of gold is ruled under the iron thumb of a cheeky prank-loving d'jinn.


Aubrey Stormhand Stats
An energetic and positive knave. Hopelessly naive and trusting. Notoriously bad at naming things. Adept at swordplay, and does learn quickly, if given the chance.
  • Species: Golden Labrador
  • Age: 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Average
  • Body Type: Lean
  • Skin/Fur: Light blonde/sandy blonde/white
  • Hair: Blonde. Bangs in front, long "dog ear" strands down the sides of face, ponytail. When down, length is to clavicle.
Emmeryn the Terrible Stats
Short and spunky frog witch. Has a temper. Desceptively wise. Can't resist a good prank. Loves her friends. Bad at magic, good at alchemy.

"Desperate people do desperate things."
  • Species: Tropical Frog
  • Age: ???
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Shorty
  • Body Type: Twig
  • Skin/Hair: Teal-green shiny skin, pink hair
  • Hair: Choppy bangs and long twin braids
Hal Mooney Stats
Mastergrade thief. Confident and suave, but only as a front. Anxious and careful otherwise. Bullied into service by thugs who hold his sisters hostage. Doesn't know how to read or write. Has a weakness for cute things.
  • Species: Black Cat
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Tall
  • Body Type: Lean
  • Skin/Fur: Black fur with a moon scar over his eye, white hands and feet
  • Hair: Unkempt, spiky