Plot Summary


Queen Aubrey Stormhand has been at the throne for 20 years. A peaceful reign rebuilding a kingdom once thought lost. However, not everything is as peaceful as it seems. The Slipstream, a natural force from which everything is born and must return, seeks to reclaim the planet that Aubrey's people inhabit. Seeking answers, Queen Aubrey looks to the sky in hopes of finding either a new planet, or a way to stop nature itself.

Overall tone: Gundam meets maybe Guran Lagann?

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The Slipstream Manifestations
An unconscious entity from which all of matter is composed. The cycle is as such: Everything is born of the Slipstream, everything returns to the Slipstream. This natural force congeals itself into particles that exist everywhere, flowing over physical objects like veins, and pooling in specific areas. These particles can be manipulated by certain individuals, such as witches (beings born from the Slipstream), or the learned method of taking the Slipstream into oneself. Manipulating matter if you're not a being born of it is incredibly taxing, often shortening the user's lifespan, and can be painstaking. If death does not come for these users, often their minds become lost to them in the process.
  • The Sight: Visions of the future.
  • The Touch: Moving objects with your mind.
  • Summoning: Creating objects or energy.
  • Enhancement: Increased physical attributes.
Allegiant Stats
A group of people dedicated to the exploration of outer space. Comprised mostly of individuals who are trained, and in training, for space travel. This group has the blessing and funds of the queendom, with the utimate goal of either finding a new habitable planet, or overcoming the Slipstream itself.
  • Spearheaded and attended by Queen Aubrey herself.
  • In charge of building machinery capable of space travel.
Nobles Stats
A congress of wealthy entities on the planet who form their own space program with the intent of destroying the slipstream to save their enterprises. Opposes Queen Aubrey's view of relocating to a new planet. Their aesthetic is a clean, sleek, militant contrast to Aubrey's hodgepodge team. More time & money to develop technology.
  • TBA
  • TBA
Praxis Stats
A fleet of spacebound individuals, whose planet has already been destroyed, seeking out the Allegiant's still-healthy planet with the intent of taking it for themselves. The crew of this massive base seem to mirror that of the Allegiant, and they flaunt some vague knowledge about the Allegiant's fate. Their leader is "Mechaubrey", an alternate-dimension version of Aubrey in which her planet has already been destroyed. In that universe, bio-altering has been developed to extreme measures, allowing this 'Aubrey' to live hundreds of years, preserving the body by intaking particles through the Slipstream, however decaying the mind.
  • Main antagonist of the "first arc."
  • The crew worships their captain like a god.


Places/Tone Major & Minor

Major Location

A lively planet speckled with lush green mountains and arid deserts. The technology is mostly medieval; horse drawn carts, knighthoods, and witches feeding off of the Slipstream for magic. However, there exists hyper-futuristic technology buried within the crust of the world, left over from civilizations long gone, as well as technology from other, more ethereal, places spat out by the Slipstream. It's thanks to this found machinery that this once grounded civilization can now even consider taking to the skies for answers.

Major Location

Base of operations for Aubrey's crew. There are living quarters, a kitchen, a docking bay, a navigation dome, and weapons hub. It can comfortably house a crew of 12, and is able to transport up to 50. Within the dock there is an escape vessel, Aubrey's mech, a transport (for utilities/vehicles/people/repairs), and space for one more mech. The dock is where repairs and upgrades take place, and where mechanics spend most of their time.


Aubrey Stormhand Stats
An energetic and positive leader. Sometimes exciteable and unprofessional, can lack long-term judgement, and needs to be reeled in by more level-headed crewmates. Always thinking about the well-being of her crew, the weight of the livelihood of her people, and protecting them. Willing to put her safety above others and lead on the front line. Not a strategic thinker, but trusts her crew to the core, and listens to their input in full faith. Inherited the position of captain by default because of her queendom, but is more suited as a soldier (out of habit).
  • Species: Golden Labrador
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Tall
  • Body Type: Muscular
  • Skin/Fur: Light blonde/sandy blonde/white
  • Hair: Blonde. Bangs, "dog ear" strands down the sides of face, ponytail. Length is to clavicle.
Dyne Langley Stats
A dedicated and hard-working crewmate. Navigator for the base. Emotionally supportive and soft spoken. Doesn't like talking about herself, and will get bashful when asked about her upbringing, but harbors dark feelings and doubt underneath her shy exterior. Quite geeky in her down-time, and will shut herself in her room to read or pick up transmissions from home (of her favorite stories). Her reason for joining the expedition to space is to flee her planet and people, to find a new beginning and live on her own terms, which she insists is living selfishly and feels guilt about.
"Everybody here is fighting for a greater cause, to save everyone. I'm just here because I'm running away."
  • Species: Red Panda
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Shorty
  • Body Type: Plush
  • Skin/Fur: Borderline pink, white, deep maroon.
  • Hair: Length to chin, fluffy, poofs out on sides of face (slighly shorter in the back).
Echo Richter Stats
Head of base operations, and right hand to the queen. Stoic, analytical, and sharp. Shows little emotion, outside of a judging eye or mild annoyance (with a hint of sass), but is overall patient with the crew. Makes tactical calls and acts as a strategist for the expedition. Pilots a bio suit, and is capable of manipulating matter, almost similar to a witch. His body was "enhanced" by experimentation, and his left eye resembles that of a hole, or portal, linked to the Slipstream (and ergo wears an eyepatch). This bio-alteration is unknown by the rest of the crew, as well as Echo's ulterior motives assigned to him by the military back on the planet. Essentially, Echo is a weapon made for war, and as he grows to love the crew, becomes deeply ashamed for it.
"We're the same. Driven by our purpose and faith. But have you stopped to think for a moment that the method you use will cause the outcome you so desire?"
  • Species: Albino Rabbit
  • Age: ??
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Tall
  • Body Type: Lean
  • Skin/Fur: White, cyan tint, speckled gray
  • Hair: Neat, straight cut bangs, sharp. White with a black streak.
  • Abilities: The Sight, Enhancement