Vertpush is a collection of projects made by @ohmiyoni (ohmi; me), an artist & anthro enthusiast on the internet. These projects will include things like digital art, 3D modeling, design, creative writing, and HTML/CSS.

Who is ohmi?

Hi! I'm ohmi. My pronouns are she/her and they/them. I'm a nb anthro artist who is very exciteable and tries very hard at everything. However I'm easily distracted and incredibly anxious and shy, so please be patient with me!

I made this site to express myself in ways that modern web-building does not allow. So far I have learned a LOT of HTML/CSS, and I'm kind of living out my dream of building a cool Neopets profile that I never had the ability to before. I have many OC's that I hope to develop and have fun with through art and writing. Eventually I may make a comic, or visual novel, etc. etc... But these things are in the works. Currently I work full time at a job that is Not Art, and then come home and squeeze whatever energy I have left into commissions and being with my partner. This can leave little time for personal projects, but I try my best!

Some of my interests include: Sonic the Hedgehog (more specifically Chao Gardens), Animal Crossing, Pokemon franchise, Gundam & mech, books, animation, fantasy (light+heavy), speed running, story structure, and furry/character design.
Some lighter interests include: comedy, Japanese game shows, mythology, astrology, mineralogy, coding, uh, the actual Cool Stuff that takes study and practice haha.
Of course this list will change, grow, and evolve over time. Just like this website! Eventually I hope to have a page dedicated to each of these things to celebrate them & my love for them.

As of yet I am terrible at talking about myself. But I'm very friendly! I hope to one day gather a group of individuals who like to create and grow their craft, as well as encourage others. Feel free to talk to me and leave a message on my communications site or hit me up somewhere else. Let's chat OC's and worldbuilding! Let's make something!! Let's learn together and make a mark on this World Wide Web!

Where to go from here?

Well... That's up to you! I try to update vertpush regularly, and I'm always trying to think of ways to make it engaging or interactive. Maybe I'll make a Suggestion Box for people to put notes in... But anyway, check out my BLURB page for writing (caution: the journal may be a downer sometimes LOL), the COM page for links and fun communication stuff, RESOURCES for Awesome sites that will help with your own website building, aaaand that's it for now. I have things planned, but until then, enjoy the site!

All the best, ohmi