Da Void


Vertpush is a collection of projects made by @ohmiyoni (ohmi; me), an artist & anthro enthusiast on the internet. These projects will include things like digital art, 3D modeling, design, creative writing, and HTML/CSS.

Who is ohmi?

Hi! I'm ohmi. My pronouns are they/them. I'm a nb anthro artist who is very exciteable and tries hard at everything. However I'm easily distracted and incredibly anxious and shy, so please be patient with me!

Where to go from here?

Well... That's up to you! I try to update vertpush regularly, and I'm always trying to think of ways to make it engaging. Check out my WRITING for story snippets, the LINKS page for external links and fun communication stuff, RESOURCES for Awesome sites that will help with your own web building, and OHMIYONI for my personal art site. I have things planned, but until then, enjoy the site!

All the best, ohmi

This site is inspired by the website of Emma Essex. Please check out her website and listen to her music!
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