A vert-pusher is another name for someone who 3D models. Because they push vertices all day.

Vertpush is a collection of projects made by @ohmiyoni, an artist & anthro enthusiast on the internet. These projects include: digital art, 3D modeling, design, creative writing, and HTML/CSS. Every so often they stream art and games over on twitch as their VTuber avatar, Aubrey.

Who is ohmi?

Hi! I'm ohmi. My pronouns are she/her & they/them. I'm an anthro artist who is exciteable and tries to learn a little bit of everything. I'm easily distracted by stuff, so please be patient with me!

Whatcha workin' on?

LOTS! I'm currently writing a manuscript for Questward, creating a visual novel for Quantum Century, and working on an homage to high-school-me's characters: Divine Pulse. All on top of taking on character commissions, working collaboratively on things like album covers and illustrated children's novels, and working full-time! (@^w^) If any of this sounds remotely cool to you, or you'd just like to keep in the know, consider supporting me on patreon so I can keep doing what I'm doing! Thanks a ton!!

Where do I go from here?

Well... That's up to you! Check out my WRITING for journals and story snippets, COMMISSIONS for a collection of commissions I've completed, the LINKS page for external links and fun communication stuff, and RESOURCES for Awesome sites that will help with your own web building. Feel free to peruse OHMIYONI.COM which is my personal art site. Enjoy!

All the best, ohmi

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