Thomas and His Bucket Full of Something was the product of the artist showing their father a concept painting of a little fish boy with lips. What was supposed to be a one-off character resulted in an inspired e-mail three days later with an entire story written about a little boy who needed help fixing his bike.

Fast forward five years, and the comic took form as a final project for a comic-making class taken in 2019, with one major change: The main character being modeled after one of the newest family members. :)


Ohmi is an everything-ist. Digital 2D & 3D artist, writer, CSS coder, queer anthro-enthusiast. They graduated from Full Sail University with a BA in Computer Animation in 2013, and currently draws funny animals from their cottage in the year of our lord 2022. Ohmi likes to have fun and make stuff. B)

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Thanks for sticking around. PLURR